It was through Julie's own experience of receiving Swedish Massage in her teen years that her love for this work became apparent. She knew it would allow her to provide a natural approach to health care, as well as give her clientele the opportunity to receive the same. Julie attended the Darcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy and has been practicing in this field since 1994.

​​In 2004, Julie decided to explore the practice of Yoga. Through experiencing the many benefits and supporting aspects of Yoga, she felt inspired to attain her certification and attended The Forest Academy, enabling her to be qualified to teach Yoga. Julie has participated in Yoga classes with a variety of teachers in London, Ont., Vancouver, B.C., and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

​​Since 2008, Julie has travelled to Thailand 6 times for intensive 10-week training sessions in the art of Thai Yoga Massage. She attended the highly accredited Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and further extensive individual one-on-one instruction with her private teacher at the Blue Garden Training Centre. Her teacher there has trained with some of the best Thai and Abdominal Massage gurus of our time. It is through experiencing Thai culture first hand that she has over the years managed to acquire and internalize the elements of sacredness and loving kindness that are so essential to the healing aspects of Thai Massage.
Julie's years of experience in working with a wide variety of people and their various conditions enable her to accommodate the special needs of each individual. Her extensive background with classical vocal training enables her to provide a unique, rhythmic, soothing flow of verbal guidance and reassurance, not only in class settings but also during private sessions.