​The origins of traditional Thai Massage can be traced back over 2500 years to India, through the practice of yoga, and was inherited to Thailand through the spread of Buddhism. The father of Thai Massage, Javika Kumarbhaccha, was a celebrated yogi and medical doctor. He was a friend and personal physician to Buddha.

We manifest energy physically from the anatomical aspects of bone and soft tissue. The physical body can be seen as a point of access through which we are able to contact the more subtle aspects of the self. As layers of tension are released, the body is opened with passive yoga stretches and experiences stimulation of energy flow. Thai Massage has its own logic and methodology incorporating the physical body as well as the energetic aspect of healing. For this reason it is highly effective and profoundly unique.

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on the floor on thick mats. Comfortable Thai clothing is provided to be worn throughout the entire session. This technique incorporates rhythmical motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines, guiding the received in and out of various stretches and yoga postures but always in conjunction with the rhythm of breath flow. As in yoga, one's personal limitations and levels of comfort are highly respected. The role of the receiver is mostly passive to allow for a greater release of tension. The role of the giver is one of loving kindness, as it has always been since its origin. To create an entire systemic effect, a full body treatment of two and a half hours beginning with the feet and finishing with face and head is essential in order to receive the maximum benefits of this art form.


Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage:

- stimulates nervous system to reduce pain
- boosts immune system
- improves blood and lymphatic circulation and metabolism
- balances heart rate and regulates breathing patterns to improve relaxation
- improves muscle strength and effectiveness
- relieves muscle tension and spasm
- removes toxins from muscle mass
- relaxes tendons and enhances elasticity
- increases joint mobility and flexibility, reducing stiffness
- balances body energetically by releasing blockages
- creates an incredible feeling of positive energy and joyous well being