Julie's teaching method is a "hands on" approach to assist in awareness and to promote correct form to experience the maximum benefit. Her gentle guidance is to encourage exploration of one's comfortable limitations. Modifications of all poses are demonstrated and utilized when necessary in conjunction with the props provided. The classes are taught with precision and personal care while a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere is maintained.

The practice of a ninety minute class allows for a thorough warmup and full exploration of poses in order to establish a strong foundation, which in turn helps prevent injury and irritation. A maximum of ten people per class allows Julie to offer a degree of "one on one" coaching while still providing a smooth and gentle guidance for the class as a whole.

               HATHA YOGA


​​The word "Yoga" has its roots in the Sanskrit language and means to merge, join or unite. The union of the body and mind helps us to achieve our full potential and heightened awareness. Yoga is a form of exercise based on the belief that body and breath are intimately connected with the mind, thus creating an interwoven balance among all three. Yoga is a means of harmonizing through various poses, or asanas, and enables the body to experience an opening of energy channels (chakras) and psychic centres. This vital energy (prana) travels throughout the whole body, following flow patterns and maintaining cellular activity, thus allowing for the withdrawal from chaos of the world to the connection of a quiet place within. The result is the release of dormant energy and the establishment of a healthy, vibrant and balanced approach to living. The secret of yoga practice lies in a simply word -  balance. In every area of our lives, yoga represents balanced moderation.

Props Provided

- user friendly "light weight" bolsters
- pillows of various sizes
- yoga straps and blocks
- chairs and stacking stools
- yoga mats (cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each use

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

- stimulates nervous system
- increases strength and flexibility
- improves posture and balance
- balances heart rate, blood pressure and breathing patterns
- regulates gland, hormone and vital organ function
- stimulates energy flow
- decreases pain
- increases circulation and vitality
- enhances body awareness
- promotes a balanced state of mind
- improves concentration and productivity in every day life
- improves general well being and happiness

Yoga Etiquette

- arrival time - 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time
- no perfumes; natural scents only
- silence is maintained in studio space prior to practice time
- to maintain cleanliness, walking on the yoga mats of others is discouraged
- cell phones, beepers, and pagers to be turned off while in studio space